Open Source: Amberdms Billing System

Open Source: Amberdms Billing System

Amberdms Billing System (ABS)


The Amberdms Billing System (ABS) is an open source web application providing accounting, invoicing, service management and time keeping functions that are ideally suited for small and medium businesses as well as small ISPs and IT companies.

Business software is one of the more commonly neglected areas of open source, ABS is designed to fix this issue and deliver a solid accounting and billing platform for individuals and small-medium sized businesses.

Developments of ABS has come from a background of working with telecommunications companies and technology companies and the feature set reflects this - having said that, ABS is extremely flexible and with a range of features should be a good match for any business.

ABS includes double-entry accounting, but it's also entirely possible to use it as a billing system only and keep using another accounting system (such as one more targeted to your country's requirements) for the accounting.

Key Features

  • Double-entry accounting system with tax and financial reports.
  • Powerful invoicing with support for both LaTeX and HTML/CSS templates for PDF invoices.
  • Service billing support including features designed for billing for VoIP and ISP data services, including billing for usage based on Netflow and call records.
  • Supports bundling multiple services together to suit sale's teams desires for value added packages and bundles being sold to customers.
  • Time keeping and billing functions, designed for consultancy companies to bill project time to their customers.
  • Credit note support and management of customer account balances.
  • Generating good looking quotations and turning them into invoices when accepted.
  • Powerful customer record keeping features including multiple contacts, custom notes and documents and attribute store.
  • Flexible permissions system allowing easy control over staff access permissions of all application features.
  • API for allowing easy integration with payment gateways or other systems.
  • And much, much more... check out the latest changelog entries

Getting Started

To get started, install the Amberdms Billing System and read the user guide to begin using the application.

Getting Support

For general user support, please use the community mailing list. If you're not sure if you have a bug or a user support question, the mailing list is the best place.

If you encounter any bugs or issues with the Amberdms Billing System, please email the mailing list (as per above) or file a bug report via the issue tracker


If you are interested in making a contribution to the Amberdms Billing System, please read the Contributions page for details.

To get information on downloading the latest developmental source code to the Amberdms Billing System, refer to the Git instructions and read the Installing-Git page.

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Development Team
Jethro Carr
Happy Crew
Rebecca Ray
Thomas Howard
Nathan Humphreys

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